February 5

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Follow me on my journey from a home haunt yard display to a full fledge haunted attraction.

It all started in 2012 with a few clown props and hand painted clown signs. As I started looking around town for circus/carnival themed items for Halloween 2013, a few of the places asked if I was the house with the clowns out front.

The Klownhouse was born!

With a CarnEvil themed display, I had more clown props and signs on the yard. I only put a few items out prior to Halloween. When October 31st rolled around, people were stopping in the street to take pictures of the display. As night fell, the Trick-o-Treaters came knocking. Some asked if there was a haunted house in the back, (Not this year was the reply.) Others wanted to take pictures with ‘Wares the Clown’. 400+ Trick-o-Treaters stopped by and enjoyed The Klownhouse.

I later learned that a local high school were commenting on The Klownhouse prior to Halloween. I take it as good news when teenagers are talking about you!

I am hoping to top 2013. If you are in the area, stop by on Halloween and say Hi!

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