July 6

It was a productive Weekend at The Klownhouse! Part 1.

The July 4th Holiday weekend provided much need time with friends and family. It also was a very productive weekend at The Klownhouse.

After last weekend’s meeting with the Haunted Shack, I knew I had to build some sturdy walls. Well, I got the frames all built, and I just need to decide what type of material to ‘skin’ the frames with.

Here is a guide on how I built my frames.

1. For each frame, I use (2) 2x3x8s and (2) 2x2x8s; and 3 1/2 screws.

2. I lay the 2×3 on a sheet of plywood (or OSB) or anything that is 4ft x 8ft along the 8ft edge-flat side down. I marked the ends the width of a 2×2.

Here is the materials.
Here are the marked 2x3s.

At the 4ft mark of the 2×3, I marked the center the width of a 2×2.

Here is the center mark.
Here is the center mark.

3. I pre-drilled my holes, so the wood won’t split!

Screws are set into place.
Screws are set into place.
The screws are barely peaking through.
The screws are barely peaking through.

4. After I putting the screws in, I lay the 2x3s along the long edge of a sheet of plywood and measure the inside distance. In my case, it was 43 inches!

43 inches!
43 inches!

5. After cutting the 2x2s to length, I screwed the pieces together.

One frame is complete!
One frame is complete!
2014-07-06 19.45.40
Here are the finished frames!

A word of caution. I you are working outside in on a hot Southern California day, wear SUNSCREEN. I got a wicked sunburn on the back of my neck, hands and arms!

June 1

It’s been a busy two weekends!

The last two weekends have been busy here at The Klownhouse. The main entrance/archway is almost complete!  The frame is now done.

2014-05-25 18.58.06
The archway frame.

The upper mouth is finished!

2014-05-25 09.45.33
The upper mouth pieces.

It took awhile to hang the piece at the correct height. The klown’s mouth is 6′ 6″ from the ground to the bottom of the teeth.
And here it is!

The almost finished archway!
The almost finished archway!

All that is left is to clean my dirty fingerprints, trim the 12ft 2 x 4’s, remove the crossing bars, hang the tarp strips, and lay the floor.

Now, all I need are ideas as to what happens once you enter the mouth. Please leave your ideas in the comment section.